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Sample letter to parents re blogging

Here’s a sample letter contributed by a PLN participant, Fiona Crees, who used it when involving year ten students in blogging – “in the hope this helps anyone else out there (no use in reinventing the wheel!)”.

(Thanks Fiona.)


Dear Parent/Guardian,

As part of English in year ten, a blog has been developed for the express use of 10.2 in order to promote advanced discussion in English based subjects, offering the students the possibility of extra help, or the opportunity to extend their English skills in a safe learning environment.

This blog will be a designated space for the students of 10.2 to:

  • Respond to curriculum topics as we study them.
  • Post any writing they have recently developed, either inside of school or out (be it creative, persuasive, stream of consciousness, thematical etc.).
  • Discuss recently read books and recommendations.
  • Discuss current events, and the representation of these in the media (be it a newspaper, cartoon, magazine article, Today Tonight type show, or news broadcast.)
  • Practice varied points of view on a topic.

 As part of this, an agreement will need to be reached with the students regarding their behaviour on the blog.

For the students:

Terms and Conditions

  • I will not use any curse words or inappropriate language.
  • I will not use derogatory language.
  • I will not use fighting words or provoke anyone.
  • I will avoid the use of chat language.
  • I will try to spell everything correctly.
  • I will only give constructive criticism.
  • I will not use my full name, or the name of my classmates.
  • I will not plagiarise.

I recognise that breaking any of these rules could have consequences including referral to the administrative school office or legal action.

I understand and will abide by the terms and conditions set out to practice safe blogging on the 10.2 blogging site.

Students Name:________________________________________

Students Signature:_____________________________________



I have read the above, and discussed the terms and conditions with my child. I understandthat the 10.2 blog is designed for educational purposes, and will be used for this only.

Parent/Guardian Name:_____________________________________





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