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1. Ensure that you have tested the software at least 2 days prior to your session so that any technical issues can be resolved in time for the conference. Follow the steps at the DEECD Virtual Conference Centre ‘Getting Started’ webpage:

2. If you have trouble connecting to Elluminate in your setup, your issue is likely to be solved by following the tutorials on the DEECD Virtual Conference Centre support page at:

3. You may enter the conference using the session link emailed to you or published on the PLN Ning.

4. Enter the web conference by clicking on the session link up to 45 minutes before it is scheduled to begin. When prompted, enter your full name (eg. John Smith) and press ‘Login’. Elluminate will load and connect you to the session.

5. Please note that this session will be recorded and the recording will be published online. By entering this session you and any other participants with you are consenting to the recording and its distribution.

Elluminate’s help guide is available: Elluminate_Live problems

More information on Elluminate error messages here.

An Elluminate tutorial is on setting up and configuring your audio settings is available here:

And more information on some of the tools within Elluminate is available here:



  • annef

    Fabulous session, loved it 11

  • Celia

    We found that we had to configure Elluminate (Tools) for our proxy server – yeah it is workinig

  • slav

    Brilliant news.

  • Sue Egan

    Session a little chaotic at start as I don’t think any of us knew the correct protocol for use of the microphone and also the sheer number of people participating and wanting to have their say made for some blanked out audio. Fabulous that everyone was eager to join in. Content was exciting

  • Sue Goetz

    John and I are sorry to have missed the elluminate session. Tried to listen a few times to the recording later but found the volume and distortions too great.

    I did find week 5 interesting and going into all the sites amazing, makes you more aware of being cyber smart.

  • slav

    Sue, I will email you another link that has better quality.

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