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Unit 8: 21st Century Learning

Take 12 minutes out of your day to watch the video below, where Sir Ken Robinson talks about Changing Education Paradigms – it might not seem like the catchiest title, but it’s a real eye-opener about the way we learn (and consequently the way we teach) in the 21st Century.

RSA animate Sir Ken Robinson talk: ‘Changing Education Paradigms’

Online collaboration

There is no doubt that the internet has revolutionised communication, and one of the biggest benefits is the potential for online collaboration in the classroom. Have a look at the Flat Classroom Project and hear from the students at Sacred Heart School and Pularumpi School about their online connections.

Learning spaces in the 21st Century

So far we have talked a lot about virtual learning spaces, but physical learning spaces are changing as well. Professor Stephen Heppell has been involved in designing learning spaces both in the UK and in locations as far afield as the Cayman Islands. You can read more on his website which has some great images from his research, even if his choice of colours is a bit hard on the eyes!


What about blending the virtual environment with the physical environment? Halsey Burgund’s Scapes is an art project that uses participants as content creators. You can see how this experience unfolds (choose Video 3) and think about how this could translate to learning and teaching.


Watch some more of Ken Robinson, like his original TED talk about schools killing creativity, and the follow-up TED talk about the learning revolution.

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